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Cheap Personal Loans, with low APR

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  • Fixed rates available. Deals on fixed rates are limited

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Personal Loans and Mortgages... Like them, or not, we all need a mortgage and loans to get some of the things we really want in life

Whether you want a mortgage, or re-mortgage for the that bigger house in a nicer area. Or a secured / unsecured cheap loan for that new car or fantastic holiday, you will need to borrow the money with a loan or mortgage.

To help you secure the cheap loan or mortgage you need, we have brought together some of the best on-line companies for your loan and mortgage requirements.

Most of these companies can help you out even if you have previous bad debts, a poor credit history or CCJ's. Wondering why you can borrow money even though you have bad debts, we explain that too.

If you are not sure how much your monthly payments will be, you can look at our loan repayment calculator. Just enter your personal loan details and we will calculate your monthly repayments for you. Or look at the repayment table, for a rough idea on your monthly spend.

We have also included a list of frequently asked questions which you can look at if you have any questions which need answering.

Also check out the questions you should be asking your lender.

Please remember... don't take on too much debt; work out what you can afford to pay in monthly installments, before you sign. If you are having debt problems, read this...

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