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Ways to improve your personal loan credit score

How can I improve my personal loan credit score

There is no magic way to get a high credit score when taking out a personal loan. Although there are things you can do to improve your credit score.

First, if you think your credit rating is wrong check with This will tell you what the credit agencies think your credit score is.

A few ways to help you increase your score, and increase your chances of being given a loan are:

Electoral Roll
If you are not on the electoral roll, your chances of being given credit are very small. If you are not on the electoral roll, contact your local council to make sure you are.

If you not eligible to vote contact the credit agencies, and supply some proof of residency.

Amount of Credit Searches
If you generate lots of credit searches in within a short space of time, this can bring down your credit score. These credit searches are not just applying directly for a personal loan, or mortgage. Applications for mobile phones, car insurance, etc. will also generate a credit search. So try and space out your applications.

Your credit score is better when you are earning. So if you're about to leave your job, apply for a personal loan before you finish work.

Personal loan providers like stability. So your credit rating is higher if you are a house owner (rather than a renter) and employed (rather than self-employed).