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Credit History : Find out your credit score, check if you have bad credit

Check your credit rating if you think it might be incorrect

When applying for a personal loan, the loan company is likely to check your credit history.

If you have bad credit history your personal loan is likely to be more expensive, than if you have a good credit history. It is also possible that the loan company will not give you a loan at all. This is because a customer with a bad credit history would be seen as a higher risk.

But what if you have got a good credit history, but get turned down for personal loans and credit? It could be that credit history which is held, is incorrect.

If you think your credit history is incorrect you can contact are one of the largest companies holding details about your credit history, and they are the company many personal loan company's use when checking your credit score. will charge a small fee for the search. But this is money well spent if you can correct your credit history.